Supporting Our Veterans

We are coming to you on behalf of all the Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. These Brave Americans served this country, we owe them our gratitude, respect, and our help, NOW, when they need it.

If you are veteran or have a loved one that is, you understand the sacrifices that have been made, and are continuing to be made every day. The number of veterans returning from overseas is mounting. We need your help to bridge the gap between their military life to their civilian life. By helping us to give them the tools they need to be successful during this transition.

We are not affiliated with the government, nor are we subsidized by government grants. We raise all funds ourselves through our own programs, in kind donations, generous private donors, as well as corporate and foundation grants.

We ask that you consider a contribution and donate now, or give us a call or email for any questions or concerns that you may have.

Here is an opportunity to do something that will

 impact The Community! 

Help Thank A Vet make a difference


Here are ways you can help:

Donate Goods and Services

Money isn't the only thing our veterans need. We like to help however we can to make our Veterans' lives easier while the transitioning from military to civilian life. 

Some of our veterans need business clothes for interviews, small repairs around their homes, or some sound business advice. 

If there's anything that you can do to help our veterans transition, we'd like to hear from you! 

Become a Member

There are several ways to volunteer for our organization -- and every little bit of help counts! 

 Please send us an email and let us know how you would like to volunteer. Whether it be helping us set up at events, sponsoring an event for TAV or anything in between.


Every donation you make, helps us help our Veterans. We pride ourselves on ensuring the Veterans we serve get the best service, training, and resources. We thank you for your donation.