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H. Miranda

US Marine Corps

When Miranda started the Thank A Vet Career Management Program he was working as a temporary laborer in a warehouse earning $10 per hour. We helped him transfer his military experience into marketable job skills that matched employer needs. Within 90 days Miranda was hired as a Division Safety Manager at a large international environmental services firm earning $68,000 per year plus benefits using the same skills he learned in Marine Corps as a Chief Combat Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

T. Lipinski

US Marine Corps

When we first met Lipinksi he was unemployed and had never had an interview or been to a Job Fair. Even though he had survived more than 700 dismounted combat patrols as a Marine in Iraq he felt anxiety over searching for a job. Lipinski went through the Thank A Vet Career Management Program and within 30 days he landed a job as a UPS Package Loader and then enrolled in school.

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K. Ortiz

US Army

Ortiz served six years in the US Army as an M1A1 Abrams Systems Maintainer. Before he came to Thank A Vet the only job he had been able to find since he had left the Army was loading grocery store shelves. Ortiz’s resume was rewritten to reflect his world class military mechanical skills and within 30 days he landed a job at an aerospace company making helicopter and aircraft parts for the United States military.