Career Management Workshop

16 Hours

The purpose of the workshop is to assist in the development of a Career Management portfolio, guide the participants into a job search strategy and promote the creation of a personal network that will drive networking opportunities. The program is open to veterans and will provide current best practices in Career Management tools to enhance the veteran’s career opportunities and minimize the time spent in career transition.

4 Level LEAN Certification

60 Hours

The purpose of the TAV LEAN Certification Program is to provide veterans with Hands-On Bottom-Up LEAN training to help them transfer their military experience and expertise into marketable civilian job skills and enable them to help companies get more competitive through the disciplined application of LEAN tools to minimize waste, improve operations and increase teamwork and morale.

Small Business Operations Training

8 Hours

The purpose of Small Business Operations Training is to show veterans the daily operations of running a small business. How to correctly fill out and review W-4, I-9, employees applications, using payroll software, workers compensation reporting and other business procedures.

Civilian Job Relations, Instructions & Methods

10 Hours

The purpose of the Job Instruction, Job Relations and Job Methods 10-hour workshops are to aid a veteran’s transition into the business world by providing them with training in standardized 4-Step supervisor methods that they can use to raise the quality and consistency of supervision in a civilian organization.


By training supervisors in these standardized 4-Step techniques an organization will establish uniformity in supervisor methods, minimize ineffective supervisory habits, raise the quality of supervision across the organization and increase productivity by reducing waste, improving worker morale and elevating performance.