Charlieboy was born March 2004, in Morristown, New Jersey on the "Seeing Eye" grounds - the number one school in the world for German Sheppard guide dogs.


After being hit by a bomb in Iraq, January 2006, I was introduced to the Seeing Eye by my instructor at a blind school in West Los Angeles. I became interested in acquiring a guide dog, so off I went in October 2007. I originally wanted a female dog, but was given a male instead. However, once he and I were introducce and they told me his name was Charlie, I busted up laughing as this was my borther's name as well. 


Charlieboy served as my guie dog and more. He was always there waiting to serve me and became extremely instrumental in helping me deal with my PTSD. He was very comforting, loyal, and loving. Charlieboy traveled the entire country with me by my side and also went to Congress twice, including an invitation to the White House to witness a bill being signed by the President. 


Charlieboy passed away October 8, 2015 from MRSA while at an animal hospital. Charlieboy will always be loved by all and will continue to be with us as our logo. We/I miss you lil' buddy. RIP.